Favorite island in the Pulau seribu You Must Visit

Pulau Seribu or the Kepulauan Seribu is a district that is still included in the province of Jakarta. It is located to the North of Jakarta is approximately 45 km from Jakarta. In Kepulauan Seribu, there are thousands of islands scattered about so called Pulau Seribu or Kepulauan Seribu. Although it has many islands in the thousand islands, there are a few islands that are a favorite of tourists to visit. Recorded there are 5 favorite Island tourists often visit them. The ambiance and charm of nature in the fifth of the island is very charming. So no wonder if anyone visiting in the pulau seribu will taste linger there.

The five islands in the thousand islands are a favorite of tourists, which are :

1. Pulau Tidung (Tidung Island)

Pulau Tidung, source: pulauseribu-resorts.com
PulauTidung is the most visited by tourists and became the number one island that is a favorite of tourists. Island Tidung is still subdivided into Island Tidung Island Tidung big and small. One of the charms of tourism on the island Tidung namely one bridge named Bridge of love. The bridge of love lies in the middle of the ocean and be the liaison between the PulauTidung Besar with Pulau Tidung Kecil with long reach 800 meters. But from the second Pulau Tidung bustling tourists usually in Tidung Besar.

Activities you can do while on the PulauTidung is like a snorkel, or it could be you dive deeper into the enjoys views of the sea bottom is so beautiful. In addition to snorkeling and diving you can also down the coast by foot or rent a bicycle.

2. Pulau Semak Daun 
Pulau Semak Daun, Source: jakartavenue.com
The island became the second favorite of tourists while visiting the Pulau Seribu is the Semak Daun island . Actually this Pulau Semak Daun hidden location, so it is reasonable if the island is still quiet. If you had a chance to visit the island then you can only enjoy vast views of the white sandy beach accompanied and trees dotting the island. The island's inhabitants are not there yet, so if you intend to Scrub Leaves you should bring a tent to stay because here there is no lodging one. And another one, you should come to this island in a rollicking atmosphere so as not to be lonely, both alone will not be enough

3. Pulau Bira
Pulau bira, Source : anythingjakarta.com
Pulau Bira becomes a third option the tourists while visiting Pulau Seribu. The island's atmosphere is similar to other islands in Pulau Seribu. The white sand beach is ready to welcome you on this island. Activities that you can do can swim on the edge of the beach are not so deeply, enjoying the beauty of the underwater ecosystem with diving, or you can use a watersport games already provided on the island of Bira.

4. Pulau Pari
Pulau Pari , Source: travelpulauseribu.co.id
The 4th island that became a favorite of tourists is Pulau Pari. The atmosphere on the island is indeed other than other islands because here there is a collection of mangrove which grows at the edge of the beach. Activities you can do on thePulau Pari is like walking down the shore or can also rent a bike, sit on the edge of the beach along with couples or families, and more cool again on this island you can see the beautiful sunset, so it is recommended if you want to travel to the Island should the rays when the afternoon.

5. Pulau Bidadari
Pulau Bidadari, Source : Liburanasik.com
Favorite tourist island in Pulau seribu in the next and the last one is Pulau Bidadari. Pulau Bidadari is very suitable because couples enjoyed by the island's atmosphere so romantic. atmsphere island is so beautiful, it's no wonder many couples who take the pre wedding photos here. But do not carelessly pre wedding photo here, because there is a rule. On the island are ready for you to rent the agents to take a pre wedding photos. But why this beautiful island being the choice of travelers to eternity? The answer as it is to get into this Nymph Island required fees are more expensive than other islands.

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